Balkan Express Network


The Balkan Express project aims to provide a platform which will help the arts sector rethink its role in the changing context of the economic, social and political crises we are facing at the moment and reconnect with other sectors in a search for a renewed vision of our society and its future. Balkan Express is a partnership project led collaboratively by several organizations: Bunker Ljubljana, CUMA (Turkey), AltArt (Romania), IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts) and Expeditio (Montenegro). It also involves a large informal network of professionals that were and are involved in its activities. [Information available on the organization’s website]

Políticas e Redes de Intercâmbio e Cooperação em Cultura no Âmbito Ibero-Americano


A presente investigação, realizada entre 01 de agosto e 31 de outubro de 2004, gira em torno de dois eixos fundamentais: (1) o estudo das políticas de intercâmbio e cooperação em cultura de organismos internacionais de forte incidência na Ibero-América, e (2) o estudo das principais redes internacionais de cultura que perpassam a região. A opção por investigar Políticas e Redes de Intercâmbio e Cooperação em Cultura no Âmbito Ibero-Americano, privilegiando as redes e os organismos internacionais e não os Estados Nacionais tradicionais atores da cooperação revela o interesse por estudar atores políticos contemporâneos que emergiram no mundo atual e no contexto de globalização, cujas ações têm impacto significativo no desenvolvimento das culturas e na integração das nações no âmbito ibero-americano.


 Rubim, A., Pitombo, M. & Rubim, I. (2005). Políticas e Redes de Intercâmbio e Cooperação em Cultura no Âmbito Ibero-Americano.

Cultural Development Network | Australia


CDN acknowledges five domains of public policy: civic, cultural, economic, ecological and social, which are all important and interconnected for a good quality of life. CDN’s work is sited within the cultural domain and directed towards its primary goal, of a culturally rich and vibrant Australian society. At the same time, CDN acknowledges that cultural development activities impact on, and are impacted by, all policy domains. [Information available on the organization’s website]

Fédération des Festivals D’humour


Créée en 2008, la Fédération des Festivals d’Humour rassemble en 2017 40 Festivals d’Humour d’importances et de fonctionnements différents plus ou moins récents (Entre 2000 et 15 000 spectateurs avec des durées de festival et des capacités d’accueil variables).Les objectifs et actions de la FFH sont multiples et portés dans l’intérêt commun des adhérents et leur diversité. [Information available on the organization’s website]

UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE)


It is part of a region-wide network of Observatories stemming from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Action Plan. These Observatories are tasked to collect, analyze, repackage and disseminate research about arts education in a web-accessible manner. This body of evidence about the value of arts in education is used to support advocacy efforts for mainstreaming the arts in Asian education. [Information available on the organization’s website]