Since 2003, Circostrada Network works to develop and structure the fields of Circus and Street Arts in Europe and beyond. With more than 90 members from over 30 countries, it contributes to build a sustainable future for these sectors by empowering cultural players through the production of resources and actions of observation and research, professional exchanges, advocacy, capacity-building and information. [Information available on the organization’s website]


Creative Europe Networks – 2016

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Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme supporting the culture and audio-visual sectors for the period 2014-2020. Willing to particularly showcase our work with the Culture Sub-programme you will find in this publication information on the Creative Networks that we support. Through 23 individual factsheets you will learn about the vision, objectives and concrete activities implemented in 2016.


 Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. (2016). Creative Europe Networks [em linha]. European Commission Web site.

Instituto Europeo del Mediterráneo | Spain


Con una clara vocación de think tank especializado en las relaciones mediterráneas a partir de un enfoque multidisciplinar y del trabajo en red, el IEMed fomenta el análisis, el conocimiento y la cooperación a través de la organización de seminarios, proyectos de investigación, debates, ciclos de conferencias y publicaciones, junto con un amplio programa cultural. [Information available on the organization’s website]

Culture Action Europe


Culture Action Europe was set up under the name European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) back in 1992. We have been actively working on European cultural policy issues since then. We have immediate access to EU decision makers and we are widely recognised as a unique resource of expertise on the EU and its cultural policy. The EU institutions see CAE as the first port of call for informed opinion and debate about arts and cultural policy in Europe. We are the biggest umbrella organisation representing the cultural sector at the European level. [Information available on the organization’s website]

Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education


The academic group of Arts Education has collaborated with complementary organisations, both from the public and private sector, which has led to clustered networks of specialised personnel with strong shared interests. The Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education provides a platform from which research and professional networks will continue to grow, not only within Melbourne, but across Australia and in collaboration with other Arts Observatories within the Asia-Pacific. The Observatory provides avenues for deep engagement and affiliation across this network and an umbrella for classroom teachers, arts educators, artists and researchers to collaboratively explore arts practice. [Information available on the organization’s website]

Reseo – European Network for Opera and Dance Education


For over 15 years, RESEO has been the unique European network for education, participation and creative learning in opera and dance.
From large opera organisations to small companies, our members are driven by the desire to widen access, awaken curiosity, and create a connection with opera and dance for everyone!
Spread across 21 countries in Europe and beyond, RESEO’s members form a diverse yet coherent network, experimenting with new concepts, sharing ideas, learning and working together. The network supports them in their overarching aim to firmly anchor opera into their local contexts and enhance their communities’ sense of ownership. [Information available on the organization’s website]