2CN-CLab 2017



2CN-CLab Talks format are highly varied because they depend, for example, of the context where they will be promoted.

Meetings “Culture, Cooperation and Networks”

1st day

09h00-11h00 || Focus Group

11h00-13h00 || Conference

14h30-16h30 || Roundtable 1

17h00-19h00 || Roundtable 2

21h30 || Cultural Event

2nd day

09h00-13h00 || Technical  Visit

13h00-14h30 || Work Lunch

14h30-18h30 || Workshop

Training programmes “Cultural Networks: Cooperation and Internationalization”

64 hours of training

32 hours of consultancy

32 hours of training consultancy

1 Closing Seminar

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