2CN-CLab 2019



2CN-CLab Talks format are highly varied because they depend, for example, of the context where they will be promoted.

2CN-CLab Working Days

The 2CN-CLab Working Days are working meetings around some documents, national or international, that are considered as fundamental for professionals of the cultural sector of the 21st century. The selection of the Working Days documents is carried out by the project team in coordination with the co-promoters.

10h00-10h20 || Presentation of the research project and 2CN-CLab

10h20-10h40 || Approach to the concept of “Cultural Network”

10h40-12h40 || Analysis and Discussion of the document object of the Working Day

13h00-14h30 || Work Lunch

14h30-17h00 || Practical work in small group

17h00-18h00 || Presentation and Discussion in large group of the practical works

2CN-CLab Meetings “Culture, Cooperation and Networks”

1st day

09h00-11h00 || Focus Group

11h00-13h00 || Conference

14h30-16h30 || Roundtable 1

17h00-19h00 || Roundtable 2

21h30 || Cultural Event

2nd day

09h00-13h00 || Technical  Visit

13h00-14h30 || Work Lunch

14h30-18h30 || Workshop

2CN-CLab Training programmes “Cultural Networks: Cooperation and Internationalization”

64 hours of training

32 hours of consultancy

32 hours of training consultancy

1 Closing Seminar

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